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  Towstar - 24 hour flatbed hauling and towing servicing central and northwestern Connecticut  

Classic and antique car hauling in CT

Classic Cars

Classic car and auto hauling in Connecticut

Towing using flatbed in CT
Call (860) 693-1420 for 24 hour towing service

Flatbed customers access towing in CT 24 hour per day

We offer flatbed service for transporting your automobile, equipment, machinery or whatver you need to move over the road.

Our 24 hour - 7 day per week service is just a phone call away.

We offer competitive pricing.
Our central location in Canton means we can be anywhere in the Farmington Valley or surrounding towns with a very short period of time. Call us today!

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Flatbed hauling antique cars in Connecicut

Specialty flatbed hauling service in CT using Towstar
Specialty antique car flatbed hauling service in CT using Towstar
Specialty antique car flatbed hauling service in CT using Towstar
Towstar hauls classic cars in Avon CT
Towstar hauls classic pick up trucks in Simsbury CT
Specialty classic car flatbed hauling service in Connecticut using Towstar
Hauling hot rod cars in Connecticut using Towstar
Hauling high class automobiles in northwest Connecticut using Towstar

Towstar flatbed auto hauling service located in Canton CT


We're located close to major arteries that cross the territories we serve; route 44, Route 177, Route 10, Route 202, Route 179, Route 84, Route 9, Route 72 and more. (please click here or image for an interactive map)

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